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Esthetic Task Interior Design

Esthetic Task Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 3rd August 2009 and formerly known as Esthetic Touch Sdn. Bhd. which was in operation since 2002.

As a young and dynamic Interior Design firm is committed to provide requisite and high level of interior design service to pur client. Though years of hard and resilience, we have successfully built a good reputation of quality combined with beauty and practicality to our 'Esthetic Task' Brand. We have been actively involved in government and private sector in interior design consultancy and construction. We have collaborated in the success of a few prominent residential units, private clinics, sport centers, corporate offices and retail outlets.

Scope Of Service

Providing full interior design service, including taking of instructions from the client, formulating the brief, deciding on the themes, estimating and establishing the budget and implementation shedule, preparing sketch layout and studies, and preparing working drawing, details, schedules and colour board designing of special items of furniture, and fittings, and solf furnishing, preparing tender documents, obtaining tenders of quotations and advertising thereon, on behalf of the client offers of implementation, preparing the contract document where applicable, managing the contract, supervising the work through all stages of implementation and certifying the works upon completion.

Our Team

Scale of Service

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
To accepting the client's engagement and insturctions and preparing final design for approval, fees to one-third of the the percentage agreed based on the anticipated contact cost.
Preparing the working drawings, specification and other documents required to obtain panel. Submitting and reporting on the renders and estimated received to the client. Fee to be two-third of the percentage fees agreed and based on the reported contract cost-less paid at stage one
Appoint contractors and suppliers, prepare contract documents, instruct and supervice the work to completion, collect cost and certify final account. Fees to be total agreed percentage of the final account. Fees to be total agreed percentage of the final certified amount-less the total previous payments. This portion of the fee can be paid in stages as work proceeds in consistent with the value of the work executed.
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